Maui Girl Beach Essentials

Maui Girl Beach Essentials
Anne Jorgenson

Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the longer days of the year than with a day at the beach. Here are some of our essentials for a successful beach trip.

  1. Water!

    Does this really need to be explained?
    When was the last time you had water? Probably wasn’t enough even if it was recently,  so go drink some water, preferably from a reusable water bottle!

  2. Reef-safe sunscreen

    Thanks to how close we are to the equator here, the UV index in Hawai’i is high, which means while it’s easy to have a good tan year round here, there’s also a reason skin cancer numbers are so high here. Get yourself some reef safe sunscreen and apply every one to two hours, depending what you’re doing while out there. Check out our blog on reef-safe sunscreen for some of our favorite kinds! 

  3. An activity!

    If you actually plan on spending a full day at the beach, you’re likely going to want to do something other than just enjoy the view, no matter how nice it is.

    Snorkeling gear, slack lines, surfboards and paddle boards are all car staples on the island, but if you want something a little calmer, bring some cards or a book. “Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen” by Liliuokalani is a great read while on any of the islands.

  4. A notebook

    On that note(book), why not bring pen and paper? Whether you like drawing, journaling, or simply doodling, notebooks get more use than you may think at the beach.

  5. A camera

    Even if it’s just your phone camera, a day at the beach warrants a picture. Disposable film cameras go farther than you realize, and what better way to document a day out!

  6. Swimsuit

    In our unbiased opinion as a completely objective third party, a Maui Girl swimsuit would make a great addition to any beach day! Whether you’re jumping in to cool off or plan on swimming to the farthest buoy you can spot, we have a suit for you.


Our most recent addition to that collection is our Watercolor print, available in two different styles.


Whatever you do on your beach day, make sure to clean up after yourself and respect the wildlife. The better care we take of nature, the longer we can enjoy and learn from it.

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