National Bikini Day 24

Hawaii Bikini
Marina Scott

Perfecting the art of the bikini since 1985. We celebrate National Bikini Day every July 5 as the birth of an iconic fashion staple. The creation of the two piece was a daring leap in fashion history. It took many confident women to liberate the midriff! 

Maui Girl Swimwear started making Hawaii brand swimwear when windsurfing transformed the sleepy town of Paia into an international beach destination. Lounging on the sand became a fashion statement, and Maui Girl was the original provider of cute suits. Over the years, swimwear fashions come and go but some come, go and are revitalized. 

Custom Bikini Hawaii

Introducing the latest version of our iconic "Cupcake" bikini, a best-selling style that captured hearts throughout the lace bikini craze in the 90s. Beloved for its playful and flattering design, the Cupcake is back as a limited edition style with contemporary updates.

Each Cupcake bikini is made to order with care and precision, to ensure the perfect fit and highest quality. Your bikini is as unique as you are. 

Hawaii Brand Bikinis

Available in three shades of sweetness. Shop the Cupcake top and bottom online or in store. 


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