Notes From Maui

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  • Maui Girl Ambassadors

    Maui Girl Ambassadors

    Maui Girls embody the power of the sea and the peace of the land, both in and out. 
  • National Bikini Day // 12 Weeks of Bikinis

    National Bikini Day // 12 Weeks of Bikinis

  • Artists on Maui: Caramiya

    Artists on Maui: Caramiya

    Caramiya can’t imagine living any other place than Maui. The tropical oasis is central creative inspiration. 
  • Hawaiian Flora

    Hawaiian Flora

    Have you ever wondered about some of the names of our Maui Girl colors? Here’s a little background on some of the flora that inspired some of our favorite colors and prints.
  • Maui Girl Beach Essentials

    Maui Girl Beach Essentials

    Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the longer days of the year than with a day at the beach. Here are some of our essentials for a successful beach trip!
  • A green sea turtle swimming underwater

    Endangered Species in Hawai'i

    The third Friday of every May is National Endangered Species Day. Established by Congress, this day acts as a way to raise awareness and support conservation efforts to protect the incredible creatures on this planet. Click here to read about five of the threatened wildlife species on the Hawaiian islands.
  • The Ocean Girl Collection

    The Ocean Girl Collection

    Our Ocean Girl collection was designed in collaboration with local athletes to create the most stylish and functional suits possible while in the water.